Every Haiku

Sunrise is the first of its kind, exclusive collection of 575 generative Haiku NFTs. Launching on the 7th of November.

What is aHaiku?

A Haiku (俳句) is a type of short poetry originally from Japan. It consists of three phrases and a total of 17 syllables in a 5, 7, 5 pattern. It usually contains a "kigo", or a seasonal reference. Poems that do not adhere to these standards are classified as "senryū".

old pond / frog leaps in / water's sound - Matsuo Bashō

Sunrise Haiku

A Sunrise Haiku is an English Haiku generated by a Machine Learning algorithm, trained with more than 28,000 english poems.


The Haiku is delivered as an ERC-721 Non Fungible Token. It will be forever stored on the Ethereum Blockchain and it can be fully transferred, bought and sold on secondary markets.


Different Haikus are generated for different tiers, with different creativity parameters. Will you get a Masterpiece?

Fully owned by you

Owning a Haiku means owning the full commercial licenses to it. You are free to do whatever you want with it.

575 different Haikus

Every Haiku is unique in its own way, classified and tiered according to the complexity and depth of the Sunrise Semantic and Vision modules.


Shorter, minimal, essential Haikus. Usually between 8 and 14 syllables long, with shorter image iteration cycles.


Abstract, blended, conceptual Haikus. Contain between 10 and 15 syllables, displayed on a more complex digital representation of the content of the Haiku.


The perfect blend of written and visual art, closely matching the Haiku structure. Displayed on stunning, unique pieces of fully cycled computer imagery.


Sunrise Haiku is a project with a long term vision. Here is what you can expect from the project:

25% Mint
Sunrise Community (Q4 2021)

25% of all secondary sales will be added to a community fund. Masterpiece owners will start to receive 5% of all secondary sales, every month.

50% Mint
Sunrise Museum (Q1 2022)

A new digital space to host the Haikus. Staking Haikus in the Museum will earn owners $HKU, the native currency of the Sunrise ecosystem.

75% Mint
Sunrise Universe (Q1 2022)

We bring Sunrise Haikus to the physical world. This will include Haiku exhibitions, meetups, and publications. 100% of the revenues will go to the community.

100% Mint
Sunrise Compose (Q2 2022)

Haikus can be decomposed and composed using 4 new modules: Vision, Top Line, Middle Line, Bottom Line. These can be airdropped or bought in the Museum Shop.

The team

The people behind the Haikus


Find the answer to the most common questions here:

NFT stands for "Non Fungible Token", a digital asset that is unique by definition and can't be traded for something equal. NFTs are created and traded on different Blockchains, most notably Ethereum. You will be able to mint one by connecting your wallet and interacting with the underlying Ethereum Smart Contract directly from this website after launch.

There was a pre-sale but it is now closed. You can only mint at public sale price using the Mint button above.

You can mint at most 3 Haikus per wallet. You cannot mint an amount that will bring you over 3 Haikus in total in your wallet. This is to favour a wider distribution.

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